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The Grace is for anyone that you have in your life that has given you love. It is for those people that help you in times when you are feeling down, and not able to go on your own. It is for the people that uplift you and give you love to hold your chin up high. This design is for those people that hold you up as graceful as the hummingbird does. 

When you see a hummingbird, you feel happy and uplifted. You feel the love from it; just from it merely existing and being present in that moment. The Grace is for the people that remind you of the bright light you carry and the light you need to share with others. Grace is that person for Rain. She helped him and supported him through some of the toughest times of his life, just by having a conversation with him and helping him guide his internal compass. The Grace is for the people that brought love into your life. 

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